Wedding planning can be, well… stressful. Between choosing the floral designs, sending out wedding invitations, choosing your first dance song and planning out the seating chart, it can be easy to lose sight of the most important thing – your love for your soon-to-be forever bestie.

Our team has worked with thousands of couples over the years and we’ve helped ease the craziness of planning by offering various vendor options, such as uplighing, photographers, wedding planning and of course, music… We do this to make it easier for our brides and grooms to plan their big day with less stress.

We’re sharing 5 helpful tips you can use to help you enjoy the BIG day!

Be organized: If you’re organized from the very beginning, it will allow for a smooth road to your wedding day. For example, if you know you have already paid your photographer, or assigned someone to pay them, you won’t be worrying about their invoice at the end of the wedding.

Don’t be afraid to delegate: People ask all the time: “How can I help?” Our advice is to take them up on their offers. Ask them to arrange for a deli platter to feed your bridal party while you’re getting ready, ask them to give out vendor tips, ask them to make sure the groomsmen have their boutineers. Just know you cannot do it all yourself, nor should you have to. So, take people up on this question and put them to work!

Trust your vendors: You’ve done your research and paid good money for your event planning, florist and DJ. Now it’s time to trust they will show up and give you 110% during your day. If you spend the whole day managing their every move, you will miss your own day!

Have a sense of humor: Just keep in mind, things may go wrong; extra guests may show up, it could rain cats and dogs, the food might be cold. We know this is not what you want, but life happens. A sense of humor through these uncomfortable moments will help you stay positive and set the tone for guests and your wedding party.
Real-life story: Our marketing consultant and NuImage bride, Taylor, was hosting an all weekend camp wedding and on the day of the wedding, the camp chef never showed, due to a hangover (Taylor takes the blame for this due to an epic dance party the night before). Her mother-in-law and her had to make coffee for 120 guests out of two small coffee pots… They laughed their way through it and always think back to how things just don’t go as planned, and that is ok!

Surround yourself with positive people: This is a big day, filled with many details and decisions to be made. Your wedding day isn’t the time to have negative people around you. Choose people who make you happy, provide positive inspiration and see the glass as half-full!

No matter what happens on your day, remember it’s your day! Enjoy it to the fullest!