Ready to pop the question, but unsure of the most meaningful “how-to” for your significant other? We’re sure glad you found us! Here at NuImage, we’d like to share a few of our favorite/latest proposal trends! 

Outdoor Proposals: 

  • If it’s not freezing out, take a hot air balloon ride
  • Go to a “famous” location like the Frog Pond in Boston or Central Park in NYC
  • Hike up your favorite mountain and as you’re enjoying the views at the top, pull out the ring
  • While you’re strolling down the beach at sunset or sunrise

Creative / Artsy Proposals 

  • Play it out in a photo album that takes a trip down memory lane
  • Self-publish your love story | create a scrapbook 
  • Take out an ad in her/his favorite newspaper to pop the question
  • Jumbotron (could be risky, but super cool)
  • Create a video and say its a new movie you want to watch together

Ideas with Friends, Family, and Pets

  • Train your dog to carry in the ring
  • Stage a scavenger hunt
  • Create a magical fort with twinkle lights, wine and music and all in your living room
  • Make a simple proposal memorable with loved ones. Have them partake in the proposal by holding up signs or being a part of the day in some way.
  • Stay home and ask when she least expects it (maybe while taking the dog out for a walk)
  • Film it or photograph it with a professional photographer

No matter how you choose to pop the question just know that you can’t go wrong. It’s often best to think about what she/he would find the most special to them. So if they live for adventure, the air balloon ride may be the right choice, but if they are homebodies go for making an at-home proposal special.

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After you’ve popped the question, read these tips on what to do after you get engaged. 

Congrats and good luck! The NuImage Team