When it comes to finding Wedding inspiration, the options are truly endless. From Instagram to Pinterest and everything in between, you can keep up with the latest trends and ideas.  While there a lot of Wedding traditions you can stick with, there are a lot of new 2018 Wedding trends you’re going to want to check out that will make your day unique and personal.
  • Mix and Match Maids: Every woman is beautiful in their own unique way, and can rock styles that flatter their figure. You can choose multiple different gowns with the same color, or one color with different shades and styles. The possibilities are endless!
  • New Age Bohemian Style: The rustic chic look has been all the rave. Weddings held in barns, DIY-style floral arrangements, and decorations, a relaxed homey feel. An undone look that is edgy yet romantic.
  • Hand-lettered decor: Personalizing invitations and decorations by hand lettering is a fan favorite. Save the dates, invitations, place cards, menus, wedding signs, envelopes. You name it- you can hand letter it.
  • GIF Photo Booths:  An interactive, fun and unique take-home memory for you and your guests. Learn more
  • Bell-Sleeve Wedding Dresses: Bell sleeves are making a comeback! The ’70s vibe paired with lace is this year’s biggest trend, and we are loving it.
  • Flower crowns: Flower hairpieces add a romantic and innocent touch. Whether it be flower crowns, flower pieces intertwined in hair, or simple greenery, it can add a touch of some fun romance.
  • Hanging table decor: If you can decorate your tables with candles and flowers, why not raise the roof with it? Step up your reception game by hanging decor from the floor to the ceilings.
  • Custom lighting: Couples are creating a personalized environment by putting their names in lights.  Learn more
  • Marble and Metallics: Highly popular in the world of design, marble is taking the Wedding world by storm. Paired with some metallic accents, your marble decorations will be sure to make a statement.
  • Statement Veils: For the minimalistic bride who still wants to make a statement, these veils are for you. Paired with a simple dress, these veils will make a bold impact. From glitter to beads to flowers, these veils are fun, flirty and an attention-grabbing piece.
  • Pet-Friendly Weddings: Furry friends are apart of the family, and you should celebrate your special day with them! They can have their own doggie tuxedo, a sign that says “Here come’s the bride” or they can have the ring attached to their collar. The possibilities are endless- have fun with it!
  • Unplugged Ceremony: Capturing special moments that will last a lifetime is important to the new couple and their family and friends. However, no one wants to see Uncle Joe trying to work his camera and get in the way. Some couples are having certain parts of their Wedding be unplugged to keep it all in the moment.
Your special day should be a night to remember. With these 2018 trends, you can keep your traditional views while mixing in some new modern trends. So create that Pinterest board, browse through social media and check out all of the new fun styles that can help make your big day unique and full of love.