There have been so many royal and high status weddings in 2019, causing a major influence on the following years wedding trends as they become more mainstream. Along with celebrity weddings, we have kept our eyes out for the latest and greatest upcoming trends for 2020. We wanted to share them with you so you can incorporate them into your future wedding!

Varying Bridesmaid Dresses

Gone are the days where bridesmaids dresses match in color and style with no individuality amongst them. Celebrating each of your bridesmaids differences through color palettes and variation is a great way to have your wedding stand out and look very “in the now!” A great way to navigate this is to pick a designer or two, tell your bridesmaids to pick a dress from them and give them the different color options they can choose from! So fun.

Custom neon signs

No matter the theme or style of your wedding, a custom neon sign is the perfect final touch. It can be included on the dance floor, complimenting the photo wall or even behind the bride and groom at the reception. There are so many different directions that you can go in with neon signs, with wording, colors or even a design, custom sign makers can make it happen. We can help you create this dream, when planning a wedding with us, mention this when we start chatting about lighting and personalization.

Wild Bouquets

The trending styles of bouquets for 2020 are a lot more on the wild side. Flowing accents with a relaxed look to make the bouquet more natural is favored. Large, leafy, and unusual flowers are coming into the spotlight as well. Rather than just having standard roses, long, flowing ribbon with a personalized touch or charm also will be extremely popular and a great way to compliment the wild look of the flowers.

Long and Embroidered Veils

Veils have gone through their fair share of trends, from in to out, and from long to short, now, it will become increasingly popular to wear a long veil with an embroidered message or quote at the end of it (Thank you Hailey Bieber). If text isn’t your thing, adding a custom embroidery of flowers or something personal is a great way to stay trendy but unique!

Family-style dinner

Who doesn’t love family style dining? Instead of the long and grueling 3 course dinner where you definitely didn’t get enough to eat, and it’s usually not the right amount of what you really want, why not be able to pick and choose and be able to have as much risotto or steak as your heart desires! With a rise in vegetarianism and veganism, family-style dining during the reception is a great way to navigate this issue without having to give the catering staff a headache.

Although these trends are just coming into style, we feel that these trends will be in it for the
long run! They are super fun and offer so much room for variation and ability to add your own personal
touch and make it truly your own taste which we love! We’re always a fan and supporter of following new trends, when planning with us, we can collaborate to create the most memorable big day.