Want to set the tone for your winter wedding, but you’re not sure where to start? We are here to ease your mind and help you add winter charm to your upcoming wedding with some of our wedding services.

  1. Utilize our uplighting service
    • With over 300 color options, you will be able to pick the right color for a winter wedding to enhance the experience for your guests. The technology used for the lights allows us to capture perfect pictures during any time of day and can be moved throughout the room, allowing you to customize your lighting. See examples
  2. Make more memories with a photo booth
    • A photo booth is a fun and interactive way for you to make an unforgettable night! Using winter-themed props in your photo booth will add a touch of the snowy, cold weather to your wedding. See examples
  3. Make your names light up with customized lighting enhancements
    • Project your names and custom design to create the best, personalized experience. Incorporating a winter-themed design to your names will enable you to capture the essence of your wedding season for all your guests to see. Learn more
  4. Incorporate winter decorations 
    • The wintertime is all about natural, outdoorsy elements. Using elements like pinecones, fake snow or a special drink option in your decorations will tie in the season to your venue location, making it a perfect wintry look.
  5. Consider a live acoustic guitarist during your cocktail hour
    • The wintertime is all about being cozy with friends and family and there is no better time to add live music to your wedding than in the winter. An acoustic guitarist will be able to capture the vibes of the wintertime during your cocktail hour for all your guests to enjoy.

Using one or a combination of these ideas for your winter wedding will leave your guests in awe of how you were able to capture a winter theme in your wedding. Be sure to check out more of the services we offer to make sure every item on your bucket list is how you imagined it!

Photos by Benoit and McCarthy