The sunniest season is right around the corner. With a new season brings new trends, styles, and themes. These can be a mix of current trends in general, or just reoccurring seasonal ones. We’re here to address both these types of trends to keep you up to date. If you are thinking about planning a summer wedding, or adding finishing touches to your planning, this is the post for you! What’s HOT this season?

1. Bright And Vibrant

That’s a no brainer, summer weddings are known for their more vibrant, cheery color palettes. I’m not just talking about corals and pastels. Those are the regular, annual summer trends. We are now seeing sequins and metallics come into play. Bridesmaids are now matching in different styles of sparkling dresses. These metallics complement the popular mints and corals, they just add more of a variety to your party. They also help to make your white dress POP! This trend doesn’t stop with just the color palette.

2. Sparks Fly

Yes, literally. You do not have to have a 4th of July celebration to break out the fireworks. Incorporating this fun, exciting form of entertainment allows for beautiful photographs while also providing an unforgettable experience for your guests. Depending on your date and venue, sometimes a show is scheduled already! Isn’t summer the best? Pair this light show with some more sparks of your own, sparklers! These are a great substitute for confetti or rice (less mess, yay!). Imagine how magical those night time photos will be.

3. Customization

If you didn’t get the hint yet, this day is about YOU! It’s now so simple and fun to add personal touches to different parts of your wedding. This can include a family photos table, custom lighting, or even a dance routine! A first dance doesn’t have to be to a romantic slow song. Get your whole bridal party involved! Here at Nuimage we can help you set up all of your personalized ideas. Whatcha got for us?

4. Keepin’ It Casual

Sometimes you just need to kick off your heels and enjoy yourself, which is what this newest trend is all about. It’s okay to stray away from black tie and high levels of elegance. This trend is perfect for couples who want their big day to just be one long party. A more casual vibe pairs well with lighter color palettes, a buffet, and outdoor venues. Also, no suit jacket required, but remember your suspenders! Is this linen over silk trend right for you?

5. Puns And Hashtags

As you’ve probably gathered from this article, summer weddings are for the couples who are young at heart. A big, new trend that has come about is adding quirky designs, decorations, or party favors into your reception. This goes right along with the new wedding hashtag trend that is sweeping the nation. Use puns and hashtags and incorporate it into a photo booth! We can help create backdrops and fun set ups for your guests. That one grumpy guests who refuses to be in photos now has no choice (you’re welcome).

We hope this post inspired some new ideas for your own big day! Let us know what our team can do to make your wedding your own. Which trend is your favorite?