There is no better season for an event than the fall, and there is no better place to do a fall event than New England. It is home to some of the best fall scenery in the entire United States. The scorching heat of summer is finally behind us and in comes brings the cool autumn air that we all adore so much! We’re here to tell you the five must have elements for your next autumn event!

1. Location, Location, Location
Fall is one of the best times of the year to be outdoors. The weather is not too cold but not too hot. This is the perfect environment to be able to host your event in open spaces without the worry of the extremes in weather. While the leaves are changing and bringing out their vibrant colors, there is no better time for an outdoors event. There are limitless possibilities of fall venues from a casual apple orchard in the Massachusetts hills, local outdoor brewery to an old barn or farmhouse, there are so many possibilities to bring out the true New England fall in your event.

2. Fall Food
There are endless possibilities to having fall themed food at your event. From appetizers of a local apple garden salad, to stuffed squash or pumpkins, there is opportunity to wow your guests no matter your budget. Another simple way to add the essence of autumn is by having an apple cider donut wall for the dessert option or offering hot or iced (depending on the day) apple cider to the menu! Imagine incorporating the theme straight into the food! This is something easily achieved by talking to your caterer.

3. Tablescapes
There are so many ways to design and personalize your tablescape depending on the theme, the season and on your budget. You can do a lot with a little! Our recommendation is seasonal plants and wheat centerpieces with pumpkins and gourds. Adding dark candles with a pop of sparkle on the candle bases are sure to wow any crowd. For a finishing touch, draping cozy blankets on the back of some of the chairs will bring the décor to life.

4. Themed Dress Code
There is nothing more fun than adding a little themed dress code to the event you are hosting. There are so many options and directions one can go with adding autumn colors into one’s look for the event. Whether it is through a boutonniere, a tie or even a women’s shoe color, requiring a “pop of autumn” to the invitations will sure get your guests talking.

5. Entry Sign
A chalkboard entrance sign is the perfect way to welcome guests to a fall event. There are so many ways you can style the sign to fit your event, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate dinner, there are so many chalk colors, board colors and borders to choose from. Complement it with pumpkins, wheat stems, or cranberries to give it that finishing touch!

Whatever your event, there are so many ways you can incorporate autumn by using our ideas to make it unique and special to your tastes. Let us know what we can do to make your autumn ideas come to life!