NuImage Spotlight

Marci & Erik 

Each month we will be featuring one of our fabulous clients and this month we are featuring Marci & Erik. This fun loving couple got  married this past June in Nahant, MA at The Oceanview of Nahant. Which by the way,  the bride highly recommended to any future brides looking for a great venue.  We got a chance to catch-up with bride Marci about her experience working with NuImage!

Here is what she had to say – 

Q: How long did it take you to plan your wedding?

A: We got engaged in December of 2012 and the wedding was June 7, 2014.

Q: At what point in the planning did you decide to use a DJ vs. band?

A: From the beginning… we looked at one band that we both liked but it didn’t fit our set budget.

Q: Why did you choose a DJ vs. a band?

The cost – the bands were more expensive, plus we wanted 90’s hip hop and a band guy can’t cover Biggie Smalls… Lol

Q: How did you hear about NuImage Entertainment?

A: I have attended weddings that NuImage DJed in the past.  And just as I began planning my wedding a friend of mine just came back from a wedding that Peter had DJed and highly recommended them.

Q: Where and was your wedding?

A: Our wedding was at The Oceanview of Nahant in Nahant, MA…HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Q: Who was the NuImage DJ at your wedding?

A: The one and only Peter Accolla

Q: What was your favorite part about working with NuImage – before and during your wedding?

A: First of all, Lisa! When we called for the first time, we told Lisa exactly what we wanted and she recommended we have Peter. She knew he would be a good fit for us. She was there  to answer all and every of our questions!

Peter was amazing. We live in AZ and when we came home in April for our bridal shower we had our first  face to face with Peter. We instantly clicked. He knew exactly the music we wanted. We just loved him. He called us the week before the big day and helped us settle our final music. Plus – On the day of of the wedding he even made sure we had a few minutes to practice our fun entrance! 🙂

Q: What were a few WOW moments from your big day?

A: There were many WOW’s from Peter. He made sure every thing was perfect from the ceremony songs to the way the bridal party entered. He had people dancing and literally dancing on chairs before the salad even came to the tables… that’s impressive! 🙂

But the biggest WOW and why anyone would be stupid not to choose NuImage/Peter is what he did at the end of the night. Our vision was to have our last dance on the beach under the stars while everyone was holding sparklers. Not only did he manage to move a crazy party from the dance floor to the beach. He facilitated on the microphone from the deck above to get the whole wedding (130 people) on to the beach and in the shape of the heart. This was by far the most amazing surprise we could have ever imagined. It’s a picture that we will never forget!


Q: What is your advice for future brides?

A: Listen to your friends who got married, but do what YOU want. Don’t be cheap on the music… you can get a cheaper DJ… but go with the best!! We live in AZ and managed to plan the least stressful, PERFECT wedding. NuImage by far is worth every cent you will pay!!!