When you think of the holidays, you think of family, warmth, and magic. Why not make your wedding part of this special season? Some may think a holiday winter wedding can be only that “cheesy” winter wonderland type of ordeal, but winter weddings hold so much more opportunity than that.

The winter season provides the most dreamy, whimsical venues and locations. Imagine your ceremony looking over a Christmas Tree farm in Vermont, your reception in an intimate log cabin or in an elegant ballroom with a view of the winter snowfall. There is nothing like the beauty of winter in New England, make that a showcased piece of your special day. 

The most common seasons for weddings are late spring and early fall, and that is for one main reason, the easy weather. This may be true, but the winter chill gives you the opportunity to accessorize! Dress yourself or your wedding party in fur/faux fur shawls. Enhance your look with long, elegant gloves. These seasonal touches add such a unique and formal detail to your look and wedding. Just imagine how special the photos will turn out!

Winter florals and flowers are hard to beat. With choices of deep purples and reds with accents of white, giving your wedding that romantic vibe will be a piece of cake! Some of your choices include pansies, jasmine, and roses. An easy way to incorporate your florals into your wedding even more past the decor and bouquets would be hairpieces. What a perfect, whimsical touch that just screams “holiday time.”

Lastly, the holidays revolve around family and traditions. Make this a memorable, holiday themed event by including pieces of family and tradition in your special day. This is an easier idea than you think! Create a family memory table with old childhood, relative, and past family wedding photos. Make use of old family heirlooms and antiques as your table centerpieces. There are also so many small details you can add with leftover fabrics, preserved florals, and jewelry from past family weddings. You can use these ideas as surprises! Just imagine how priceless of a moment that will be when your family members see their own memories on YOUR wedding day.

Here at Nuimage, we can make this winter, holiday dream wedding a reality. We hope this post helped inspire and provide you with new, magical ideas. Considering a New England holiday wedding is a festive, fun, and unique idea!