Throw An Unforgettable Reception!

With Our Amazing Add Ons...

Customizable Uplighting

Personalized Monogramming

and GIF Photo Booths!

Throw The Best Party Ever!

Want to create a reception to remember forever… of course, you do!  Our Enhancements are designed to enhance your reception and get your guests saying “wow, that was unforgettable.” From our customizable lighting and monogramming to our GIF Photo Booth we have you covered to create the BEST party ever.


A stunning elegant uplight display that can transform your room into a magical setting with color. We can custom design a lighting display to highlight your room in a classy unique style with any color you can imagine.

GIF Photo Booths

The GIF Booth shoots 3 images to create an animation—insanely popular and ideal for wedding receptions. GIFs can be shared instandtly via email &  text making it easy to share memories from your big day.

Custom Monograms

We can project your names or monogram in high quality light anywhere wish, such as over the head table or on the dance floor as your guests enter the room. A very classy touch to personalize your night.

Experience Matters!

If it’s one thing our team has, it’s creating FUN & CAPTIVATING events!  We have been to thousands of weddings/events and have seen what does and doesn’t work.  Every Enhancement we offer is designed to create a unique event experience for you and  your guests.

Please let us know if you have any questions and if we can help in any way.

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