Experience The Difference!

While that quote might be true there is much more to consider when choosing a DJ and Entertainment company. At the very least, every DJ you’re considering should be able to do the following:

  • Make announcements
  • Introduce the Bride and Groom into the reception
  • Play music and do their best to get people on the dance floor

While all wedding DJ’s do similar things for their clients, what makes one DJ better than another is HOW they do it. The results a DJ can create for their clients can vary DRAMATICALLY from one DJ to the next.

The key is to find someone who will exceed your expectations instead of getting stuck with a DJ who can make announcements, play music and hope people will dance.

Making Announcements

Do you want to settle for a DJ who makes announcements like a ring master at a circus or a professional who is easily able to read your crowd, understand how you want to feel when you walk into the reception and deliver it perfectly?

Do you want a DJ who merely shows up or one who works with you to understand timelines, offer suggestions, and ensures every second of your reception flows smoothly? The best DJ’s in the industry, NuImage, will walk you through all the behind the scene things you should know to keep
things flowing and create the perfect reception!

Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ announces the cake cutting or parent dances in total silence only to realize that a key person is not even in the room. It’s pretty awkward right? That happened because the DJ just made the announcement. They didn’t take the time to coordinate with your venue staff, the photographer, Mom or Dad. They didn’t take the time to make sure everyone was ready and just made the announcement.

Play Music

Any DJ can play music. All they have to do it push a button. It’s as easy as having an ipod right? Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ is playing a great song, people are dancing and then the song fades out? Everyone just stands there waiting and then the next song comes on. Maybe it’s a good song, maybe it’s not. Some DJ’s, our DJ’s can actually mix songs so there is a continuous flow keeping your guests dancing longer and having more fun. We know music, we are experts at reading your crowd while understanding your likes and dislikes. If you gave 2 different DJ’s the exact same list of songs but allowed them to blend/mix them together in any way they chose, you will most certainly get a drastically different result. There is a TALENT to programming music, understanding your timeline and audience.

The DJ Demo

Let me guess…you met with a DJ company and they showed you a video of people dancing and having fun? Shocker!

Did you hear the DJ talk? Did you see their announcements? Can you feel that they love their job? Do they come across as friendly, engaging, and professional? The person you choose will be the spokesperson for the entire reception. Is this the person you want to see in your wedding video for the rest of your lives? Fun, Professional, Dressed Properly, kind, charismatic without being intrusive.

So how do you decide which DJ?

Imagine your reception has ended and you are fly on the wall. You can hear every comment your guests are making as they leave.

Think of all the ways you want your reception described. Now that you know that not all DJ’s are the same, which company, which DJ do you feel will exceed your expectations ? The best way for NuImage to WOW you and your guests is to work together in a collaborative effort Instead of just taking orders. The best DJ’s offer helpful advice for improving your ideas based on years of experience. We are a team. We are your team.

Our promise to you…

We promise not to just make announcements, introduce you into the reception, play music and hope people dance. We promise to use every ounce of experience, knowledge and passion to deliver a reception that will have you and your guests saying it was “This was the best wedding I have ever been to”.