Even though Summer has just begun, the Autumn wedding season is just around the corner! There are so many different fall wedding trends from fashion to drink to decor that you definitely want to know before planning your perfect day. We are FALLing in love with these trends and wanted to share with you our top 8 to make your autumn wedding one to remember.

“Color Is The New White”
As anti-traditional as it may sound, color is the new white from dresses to decor. According to wedding experts, this fall season couples are leaning towards colors they love as opposed to whites and creams. Love oranges, but afraid to go against social norms? Try on that green dress, get those striped tablecloths, it is your day!

No Destination, No Problem
Bring the destination to you! Destination wedding’s popularity has sizzled down after a global pandemic, but no need to worry if this was a dream of yours. Couples are bringing the destination to their own backyards–sometimes literally. Whether you are choosing a floral arrangement that reminds you of a walk in the park in France or tropical drinks that bring you to a beach in Aruba…it is possible to bring any destination feel to your local wedding location.

Cider Lover
Who doesn’t love cider?! Spiked or not, there is nothing like a cold refreshing cider on a fall day. Supply your guests with cider to give your wedding that extra fall-feel. Whether you get cans of hard cider, make a cider vodka cocktail one of your specialty drinks, or simply just plain old good fashioned cider. It will be the hit beverage of your fall wedding.

Locally Sourced Weddings
We love this one. In 2021, couples are more often using their local vendors, locations, and small businesses when planning their weddings than ever before. Why haven’t people done this all along? In the past year, small businesses have taken a hit and communities have risen above to make supporting local businesses a priority. Those planning weddings have done the same. Think like a local, have a local brewery you love? Have them cater to all of your brew needs on your special day.

People have been dying to go to concerts, clubs, and all of the above. Bring the entertainment to you! Celebrations should be paired with love, dance, and music. Our DJs are the best in New England and if it’s one thing we know, it’s how to throw a party!

Food, Food, Food
You can never go wrong with your classic chicken, filet or salmon dish. But if you want your fall wedding meal to stand out, experts have some ideas for you. Fall is all about comfort, giving your wedding that homecooked feel can make your guests feel loved and welcomed. A hearty and delicious meal to offer at your wedding as a meal or appetizer is pot pies filled with chicken and fall vegetables like carrots, turnips, onions, and leeks. Everybody loves pot pies!

Color Trends
Sage Green. Sage Green. Sage Green. We just can’t get enough of it, especially for a fall wedding. If you want to wear a white dress but want a sage green-themed wedding? No problem! Get yourself a beautiful green bouquet, and have your bridesmaids wear sage green dresses. Sage green is in, stay ahead of the trends and get on this one.

The best decor is quite simple…nature. Pick a location that resonates with what fall means to you to make your fall wedding true to heart. Whether your optime of fall is a sunny day in California on a vineyard, or in New England surrounded by the foliage, keep these feelings of what fall means to you in mind when planning your fall wedding.

Have you FALLen in love with these trends too? Get ahead of these trends and take our ideas for your own fall wedding. Happy planning and we wish you a lovely wedding. Reach out to our team at NuImage for all your wedding entertainment needs – photography, videography, music, uplighting, and much more!