These words are often spoken by clients who somehow think that because they are having a small intimate wedding, they should qualify for a discounted rate.

I scratch my head as I sit and try and understand this. As a wedding professional that has performed at thousands of weddings over the last 25 years, it is much more difficult for us as entertainers to perform for an audience of 50 guests as opposed to 250 guests.

Let me explain. It is so critical to the success of a great celebration that we are in tune with your all of your guests for every minute of your event. Let’s assume that 20-30 guests are not having the greatest time due an “average DJ performance” and decide to head out a little early. Well guess what… your party will soon fizzle because half of your guests left early. If that happens with 250 people, no one will notice. But with only 50 guests, your party is sadly over.

Therefore, as a professional entertainer, it is much more difficult for us to perform for a smaller group becauseĀ  A) we care so much and B) the pressure gets turned up! We need to make sure that each and every guest is having more than “an average time” by keeping them engaged from the beginning and creating an atmosphere that ensures they are excited to be there until the very end.

This requires the skill and ability to constantly read a crowd and stay in their heads in a classy but upbeat way from the 1st song to the very last !

Some of the best weddings we have ever performed at have been small intimate receptions. But don’t be fooled by their success. It requires a great deal of preparation, knowledge and hard work. The margin for error is so much more narrow with a smaller group of guests.

After all, this is a once in a lifetime celebration for you and all of the most important people in your life. We don’t look at it as “just a small wedding” but rather give it the extra special dedication and attention it deserves for you to walk away with a memory you and your guests will cherish forever.