In this week’s meet the DJ post, we are happy to get up close and personal with Guy Nicotra. Joining the DJ game at the young age of 16, Guy has performed at over 800 weddings and has expanded his skills with each.

His outstanding personality and experience with dance crowds at both weddings and special events have gained him rave reviews with clients and referrals for new events. From the very beginning, he was drawn to the art of entertainment and the ability to get people of all ages out on the dance floor and having a blast.

Since joining NuImage Entertainment in the early 90s, Guy has become a professional in the field with a reputation of the highest standards. Luckily, in his many years as a DJ, Guy’s biggest fear (see below) has never come to life! 🙂

Get to know Guy below…


How long have you been with Nuimage?
My start with NuImage was back in May of 1992 when I saw Peter, the owner of NuImage perform at my grandparents Golden 50th wedding anniversary. I was 16 years old and amazed at how Peter took grasp of the room. He made family members dance that I had never seen move before. I had helped him carry some gear to his car and by the end of conversation, the story began.

What is your personal favorite part of a wedding event?
Seeing the happiness and excitement in a newlywed couple is a given. But as far as a true peak in gratification. It goes beyond transforming the crowd and setting the atmosphere with a killer wedding party introduction. It supersedes high fives from guests as they “dance walk” by you. It’s the moment when you glance up and see the parents breaking it down on one end of the dance floor and the bride and groom surrounded by their closest tearing it up on the other end. Mission accomplished!!

What are your hobbies?
If it’s not traveling, kiteboarding, surfing or snowboarding it’s going off on adventures with my family. And whether it’s watching my oldest stepson nail a trick in a BMX competition to my youngest stepson scoring a game winning touchdown/run, you can usually find me outside soaking up the sun and surrounding myself with nature.

Where is the best place you’ve ever traveled to? Somewhere you’ve never been that you’ve LOVE to travel to?
I’ve always been very passionate about traveling and a few years back I had the opportunity to road trip around Costa Rica. From the excursions in the rainforest, surfing the coast to watching Mt Arenal erupt every night from my jungle hut made Costa Rica truly a fave.
Tahiti, Patagonia and Iceland are at the top for future trips and hopefully one day Egypt. I’d love to visit Egypt.

My biggest fear.
The first thing that comes to mind is kind of an ongoing joke amongst most DJs I’ve talk with over the years. It’s that recurring dream that you’re late for a wedding. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this dream and it gets me every time. LOL