Time for another Meet the DJ feature! Today we are happy to introduce you to a NuImage DJ who definitely knows how to get a crowd in gear and fit for the dance floor! With a background in on-air radio broadcasting and known for his amazing introductions, Marty’s skills on the mic quickly made him a favorite on the local wedding scene. He’s been rocking dance floors and has remained a top pick for weddings since 2001!

You know you’re in good hands when a wedding vendor sees his own family in each wedding he works and relates his personal experiences to the events he entertains at. That’s exactly what Marty does. He knows the importance of this once in a lifetime event and works with couples to create the special moments you’ll remember forever.  Whether it’s your wedding party introductions, your first dance or an incredible exit at the end of the night, Marty has got you covered!

Read on for more about Marty’s favorite wedding experiences and what he’s up to when he’s not in the NuImage DJ booth!

NuImage DJ: Marty

What made you want to become a DJ and how did you get your start?
I remember going to local restaurants where this guy was DJ’ing. People were having a good time and I thought it would be fun to DJ. I started DJ’ing for him, but it wasn’t until I saw Peter Accolla DJ a wedding that I was hooked! I was blown away by Peter’s professionalism, music choice and his presence as an entertainer, not “just” a DJ. While I had the raw skills NuImage gave me the opportunity to showcase my talents and I quickly became known for my MC’ing, jaw-dropping, inspirational introductions, music selection, and attention to detail. 12 years later I’m still at it with NuImage.

What is your personal favorite part of a wedding event?
DJ’ing a wedding is very special for me. I’m always reminded about something my wife told me. She said, “Brides think about their wedding from the time they were a little girl. The last thing they want is some DJ to mess it up!”. You can imagine how that made me feel! She was right though. That’s how I treat every wedding. I love the introductions and watching the crowd get so excited for the couple. I love the father/daughter dance and think about the day when I’ll dance with my girls. And I love when a Bride and Groom or a guest tells me that the wedding was the best they have ever been to.

What’s the most unique thing you’ve done to customize an event?
Sometimes you have to call in a favor and that’s just what I did. Megan and Tim love the Boston Bruins and their wedding was during the playoffs. They are huge fans and they had a Bruins wedding theme. I called our friend, Rene Rancourt, legendary singer of the National Anthem for the Bruins, and asked if he’d leave me a voice message wishing Megan and Tim congratulations. He did that and then started singing the National Anthem. I played it for the crowd and they went nuts! It was awesome and the Bruins won that night.

Share a fact about yourself that your clients may not know about you/your interests.
I own a bicycle shop called Fit Werx, which specializes in Road and Triathlon Bikes, based in Peabody, MA. We were named the best Bike Shop in America in 2013. In addition, I completed an Ironman Triathlon in 2010 which consisted of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile marathon.

My favorite food is…

On your day off you can be found…
What’s a day off? With my business, training for triathlons, DJ’ing, I don’t have a ton of down time and I like that. With that said, on my days off I can found hanging with my family… it’s the most important part of my life and I cherish the time with my wife and girls.

NuImage DJ: Marty