All of the DJ’s here at NuImage are talented entertainers who are confident in taking any event to the next level with their services. Our team is made up of the best of the best, each bringing their own personality and experience to the table.

You can get a brief bio of our DJ’s in our “About Us” section, but we want to give you a closer look at our team. With that said, we are excited to kick of a new mini blog series for NuImage – Meet the DJ!

Our first Meet the DJ feature is on the fabulous Sean Naughton!! Sean is a talent who has been with NuImage for many moons. He is a sought after DJ with a stellar reputation from his work with past clients. Whether he works a corporate event, your grandparents’ anniversary party or your wedding event… he’s known to knock it out of the park!

Get to know Sean in the Q&A below…

NuImage DJ: Sean Naughton

What made you want to become a DJ and how did you get your start?
Initially, I was in search of a part-time job. One day Peter Accolla, owner of NuImage, asked if I was interested in working as an assistant for an anniversary party at the Danversport Yacht Club. It sounded like an exciting start down a new path so I agreed to help out. After that first party, I was HOOKED. I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

How long have you been with NuImage?
My first contract was in May of 1997. As I mentioned above, I was hooked from the start and have been rocking dance floors at events ever since.

What is your style as a DJ/MC?
I’d say my style is easy going , sprinkled with energy and experience. In my years of experience I’ve learned that keeping a calm vibe and knowing when to infuse a punch of energy or slow it down for a sentimental dance is key.

On average, how many weddings do you do per year?
Each year I work about 50 wedding events, sometimes as many as 70. With each being unique, it is definitely exciting to have so many new experiences as a DJ.

What is your personal favorite part of a wedding event?
I love welcoming everyone at beginning of an event and watching the guests as I get to work and change the vibe of the room in minutes….

Do you work other events besides weddings?
While I LOVE working weddings, I also do high end fundraising and work with corporate clients. I’ve also done up lighting for many different events and have worked with clients for a number of different parties – anniversary, retirement and more. Basically I’m up for anything, wedding and non-wedding events alike!

What’s the most unique thing you’ve done to customize an event?
One of the coolest things I’ve done was worked with a bride and groom to stream their wedding live to Brazil. There were close to 5000 people watching and interacting with us! We could hear and see all of the guests in Brazil …It was AMAZING!

Another unique moment I created for a couple was when I brought all of the wedding guests outside from an inside reception, seamlessly, to take part in a beautiful last dance. The dance was out under the stars, overlooking Boston, with sparklers and up lighting. It was definitely a memorable moment for the couple… and me!

What is your all-time favorite/funniest moment from an event you worked?
I’ve seen a lot over the years… but my all-time favorite AND funniest moment was when a grandfather of the bride, 91 years young, came out in 1980’s break dancing gear to a packed dance floor, and nailed the ( running man ice ice baby ).

What tips do you have for anyone hiring a DJ for a special event?
Your wedding day will fly by in a blur. As the biggest party you will likely host, every second is important, not hour. Have thorough plans and professional vendors in place to make it an AMAZING memory , not a talked about disaster…

What is your favorite song of all time?
I have to go with SEPTEMBER… Earth Wind Fire