Congrats, you’re engaged! If you’ve been doing the typical addictive research in planning the perfect wedding, hopefully it brought you here! Let us help you shorten that list of possible destinations, and what better way to do that than to inform you about the most beautiful destinations here in New England! With New England consisting of 6 different states, we were able to narrow down the long list of venues, to our favorites located in Newport, RI Nantucket, MA and Portland, ME. Let us dive deeper into these venues that will have you picturing yourself on your special day:

First up, we have Newport, Rhode Island.  Whether you want to be married in one of the Gilded Age Newport mansions, on a cliff overlooking the breathtaking coastline, or right on the beach itself, Newport is the ideal location. Want to celebrate your special day in the “City by the Sea?” Here are a few of our favorites:

Rosecliff Mansion

I mean come on, is this not the place for a perfect fairytale wedding?! This beauty was built in 1902! Not only is it jaw-dropping from the outside, but on the inside, this mansion consists of ballrooms that have gorgeous interior design features like you’ve never seen before. This Newport Mansion offers a variety of options to fit both your budget and your dream. Just a little fun fact (because we love those), Rosecliff mansion has been featured in many Hollywood films, including The Great Gatsby, True Lies, Evening, and 27 Dresses! How cool!

Newport Beach House

Be careful…you may be in the splash zone during your ceremony (just kidding)! Here right on the Atlantic coast, we have for you a more modern venue. This features an open space layout with large floor-to-ceiling windows that allow a great amount of natural light and has a gorgeous view out to the sand and soothing waves. Newport Beach House promises to be a stunning setting for you to celebrate the happiest day of your life with family and friends.

Next up, we have the beautiful Nantucket, Massachusetts. After stepping foot off of the ferry, you’re surrounded by water, water, and more water! If you love the sound of the waves crashing, and the feeling of your hair blowing in the wind, this may be the perfect destination for you. You will have the ability to see scenery of the past, from centuries-old cedar-shingled buildings to charming cobblestone streets. So whether you have an old soul, or are looking to have modern theme for wedding, you’ll find it here. After a lot, A LOT, of debate, we were able to choose the top two venues in this area:


This coastal venue is the face of elegance, with French doors, white interior spaces, and ocean views. The Harborview Room is the crown jewel of the Nantucket Dreamland. This downtown setting with a stunning view of Nantucket Harbor is the perfect place to host your wedding ceremony and/or reception! Not only do they give you jaw-dropping views, but they also give you professionalism throughout their staff!

The Westmoor Club

If you want that vintage feeling on your wedding day, then experience the magic here at the Westmoor Club. This historic Clubhouse is the ideal background for your love story. It was built in 1917 for Alice Vanderbilt, and it includes a Clubhouse which is filled with outstanding dining rooms and seven lovely overnight rooms.

Last, but definitely not least, we have Portland, Maine. Whether you’re dreaming of a wedding that’s sea-loving chic or a bit offbeat, there are lots of wedding venues here to choose from. Here are our favorites:

Brick South at Hampton’s Point 

This wedding venue features wood and steel beams running throughout the building and is surrounded by warm brick walls and finished with gleaming concrete floors which provide a beautiful texture on which to build your unique event. This allows those of you who have those creative minds, to utilize this blank canvas that can be made to fit your space needs, tastes and aesthetics, and build that dream wedding from top to bottom.

Bayside Bowl

Lastly, we wanted to admire this trendy wedding venue to switch things up! If you are looking for a quirky, offbeat, or retro wedding venue, you should definitely check out this bowling alley—yes, you read that right! The wedding ceremony will be held on the roof deck with a vintage Airstream, and topped off with the Portland skyline as your backdrop. This venue is one of our favorites not only because of the fun, trendy vibe that it gives off, but it also has many activities to offer to the guests to have a blast at your wedding! Those activities include, ping-pong, bowling, and many more.  So unique to have the time of your life while celebrating your loved ones!

New England has a little bit of something for just about anyone. Narrowing down this list was a difficult task, but we hope we gave you some more insight and inspiration! Each venue is so customizable and special in its own way, and here at Nuimage, we’re ready to turn your ideas into a reality. Go on, show us what you’ve got!