When thinking about a song for your wedding party to enter the reception, please keep in mind that this sets the tone for the entire night. We believe, from experience, that your celebration will get underway much sooner, and your guests will feel the excitement, when you choose a song that “most” of your guests will recognize and like. Allowing us to engage your audience with a great upbeat song that they can stand and clap along to will help to create a “party” atmosphere right from the start. Because we are only working with a small time window of 4-5 hours, the sooner we put your audience in that mind set that “tonight is going to be something special,” the better the outcome!
If you are unsure, like many clients, you can certainly leave it up to us. When our experienced DJ’s are able to make that game-time decision, we are making sure we are picking that perfect song to match the demographics of YOUR audience and enhance the energy of your guests “at that particular moment in time.” Happy planning!