We chose Hammond Castle this month as our Featured Venue Spotlight for many reasons. The main being that this is a location and venue that will satisfy and fulfill many different couples’ ideal wedding type. By this we mean the feeling or “theming” a couple tries to capture, such as, classic, vintage, whimsical, or scenic. Hammond Castle hits all these marks along with many more.

The venue is enriched in history. Hammond Castle is an elegant piece inspired by European estates. Your own medieval castle overlooking the Atlantic ocean, how perfect does that sound? It was designed and built by art connoisseur, John Hays Hammond, Jr. in the 1920’s. Even though the venue looks as if it existed in the medieval ages, it’s just about 100 years old! Hammond’s love for the Renaissance grew into collecting as well, such items are displayed throughout the castle to help fit and bring the architecture to life.

From the grand arches, stonework, stained glass windows, and to the photogenic towers, turning this venue into the wedding of your dreams is simple. Hammond Castle can fit your fairytale wedding envisioning, or even a romantic night time event surrounded by candle light. You can let the architecture be the centerpiece and choose a simplistic style with greenery and other natural colors.

Get your Pinterest board started! We’re ready to hear your ideas.

Shout out to Benoit & McCarthy Photography for all the beautiful photos!